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miercuri, 14 noiembrie 2012

I wonder sometimes why some men that I know the messenger or facebook, tell me how like me, that would do anything for me as I will, and that they are in love with me and the man I loved I did not ever say that. The man I loved told me not that I want in his life, he likes me or not, that wants me in his life or not, she's in love with me or not, or leave it alone and I see my life. I wish to tell me all this, that if it felt. I wonder how other men can love me and tell me he loves me and he - the man I loved not love me? Why afraid? Someday, maybe you want to tell me, but it will be too late , It's strange he or other men? , What's wrong? Nothing they tell me that love me, if not that man. BY ALINA ...FOR ....

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